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Texas family members laundered drug money for Mexican cartel, jury finds

Jul 22 2011 Brett Wolf, Compliance Complete

A U.S. federal jury has convicted four Texans on drug trafficking and money laundering charges for their roles in selling millions of dollars worth of cocaine and washing the proceeds between 2004 and 2009. Leandro Salas-Galaviz, Mayra Lopez, 31, Josefina Galaviz, 55, and Yesica Magana, 31, worked for Mexico's Gulf Cartel and the related Zetas organization, according to prosecutors. Court documents state that Salas-Galaviz was an illegal resident living in Laredo under the false name Daniel Obregon. He and another convicted accomplice, Norberto Alaniz, shipped "multi-ton quantities" of marijuana and cocaine from the Laredo area to Dallas, Fort Worth, Chicago and other areas for distribution. Once the drugs were sold, Salas-Galaviz, his wife, Lopez, his mother, Galaviz, and his sister, Magana, all of Laredo, laundered the proceeds via multiple bank accounts. They ultimately used some of the drug money to buy vehicles and real estate they later sold. Lopez and Galaviz also invested

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