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Turkey's Halkbank says not received call to halt Iran deals

Jan 12 2012 Reuters

Turkey's Halkbank has received no official request to stop handling payments to Iran for oil transactions but is studying U.S. moves to choke off the Islamic Republic's revenue, Turkish daily Vatan reported on Wednesday, citing its general manager. On Dec. 31, President Barack Obama signed into law a fresh set of sanctions targeting financial institutions that deal with Iran's central bank to stem the flow of oil revenue and persuade Tehran to abandon a suspected nuclear weapons programme. Halkbank's general manager, Suleyman Aslan, told Vatan the bank was monitoring developments closely after the U.S. moves and noted that the legislation gives banks a warning period of two to six months to comply. "We haven't received anything so far. In any case the central banks and state banks are given a time limit of two to six months, which means we still have 180 days," Aslan was quoted as saying by Vatan. "Halkbank will not be involved in activities contradictory to international regulations.

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