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SEC bars New York-based adviser for faking amount of client assets

Nov 21 2012 Suzanne Barlyn, Reuters

An investment adviser who federal regulators said misrepresented the amount of assets his firm managed in order to remain registered with federal, instead, of state, securities regulators, has been barred from the industry, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Tuesday. Evens Barthelemy, founder of Barthelemy Group LLC, misrepresented his firm’s assets under management by 10 times the actual amount - $26.28 million instead of the actual $2.628 million, according to the SEC. Advisers who manage less than $25 million, such as Barthelemy, have long been required to register with state regulators. Barthelemy and New York-based Barthelemy Group did not return calls requesting comment. He did not admit nor deny the SEC's findings, according to a settlement agreement with the agency. Barthelemy may reapply for admission to the industry in two years. Some advisers prefer to be SEC registered because of the cache is can have with clients, said Nancy Lininger, head of The Consortium,

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