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California man helped rob armored car facility and laundered proceeds, prosecutors say

Dec 05 2012 Brett Wolf, Compliance Complete

A California man has been indicted on robbery, money laundering, structuring and other charges for his alleged role in the August 2011 robbery of an armored car warehouse in Santa Rosa, federal prosecutors in San Francisco announced Tuesday. Monico Dominguez, 39, and accomplices stole more than $900,000 from Garda Cash Logistics during the 2011 robbery and tried to steal one of the company’s armored cars during a 2012 attempted robbery, prosecutors said. He has denied the allegations. Dominguez reportedly used the proceeds of the robbery to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a car and a piece of construction equipment. These purchases, each of which involved more than $10,000 in robbery proceeds, were made with cash, a cashier's check and a wire transfer, the indictment states. These purported payments earned Dominguez "transactional" money laundering charges pursuant to Title 18, US Code, Section 1957. Dominguez also allegedly made structured cash deposits – each involving under

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