Qatar Financial Centre Legislation: Contents

Qatar Financial Centre Legislation
QFC Law No. (7) of Year 2005
QFC Regulations
QFCA Rules
Amending Documents
Court and Regulatory Tribunal Regulations and Rules
Waivers and Modifications
Consultation Papers
QFC Forms
QFC Regulations Guidance
QFCA Legal Interpretations
Policy Statements and Notices
QFCRA Rulebooks Archive
Anti Money Laundering Rulebook (AMLR) Archive
Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing Rules 2010 (AML/CFTR) Archive
Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing (General Insurance) Rules 2012 (AMLG) Archive
Assets Rulebook (ASET) Archive
Banking Business Prudential Rules 2014 (BANK) Archive
Captive Insurance Business Rules 2011 (CAPI) Archive
Collective Investment Schemes Rules 2010 (COLL) Archive
Collective Investments Funds Rulebook (COLL) Archive (pre-2010)
Conduct of Business Rulebook (COND) Archive
Controls Rulebook (CTRL) Archive
General Rulebook (GENE) Archive
Governance and Controlled Functions Rules 2012 (CTRL) Archive
Insurance Mediation Business Rules 2011 (IMEB) Archive
Interpretation and Application Rulebook (INAP) Archive
Islamic Banking Business Prudential Rules 2015 (IBANK) Archive
Individuals Rulebook (INDI) Archive
Individuals (Assessment, Training and Competency) Rules 2014 (INDI) Archive
Investment Management and Advisory Rules 2014 (INMA) Archive
Islamic Finance Rulebook (ISFI) Archive
Interim Prudential - Investment, Insurance Mediation & Banking Business Rulebook (PIIB) Archive
Insurance Rulebook (PINS) Archive
Principles Rulebook (PRIN) Archive
Private Placement Schemes Rules 2010 (PRIV) Archive
QFC Regulations Archive
QFC Forms Archive
QFC Law Archive
QFCA Rules Archive