Qatar Financial Centre Legislation: Contents

Qatar Financial Centre Legislation
QFC Law No. (7) of Year 2005
QFC Regulations
Arbitration Regulations 2005
Companies Regulations 2005
Contract Regulations 2005
Data Protection Regulations 2005
Employment Regulations
Financial Services Regulations
Foundation Regulations 2016
Immigration Regulations
Insolvency Regulations 2005
Investment Clubs Regulations 2016
Enactment Notice
Part 1 Application, Commencement and Interpretation
Part 2 Companies Registration Office
Part 3 Limited Liability Company (Investment Clubs)
Part 4 Obligations and Contraventions
Part 5 Other Provisions Relating to the CRO
Part 6 Application to the QFC Civil and Commercial Court
Part 7 Reporting
Part 8 Register of Financing Statements
Part 9 Acquisition of Minorities in Take-Overs
Part 10 Interpretation and Definitions
Schedule 1 Contraventions with Financial Penalties Stipulated
Schedule 2 Financing Change Statement
Limited Liability Partnerships Regulations 2005
Netting Regulations 2017
Partnership Regulations 2007
QFC Authority Regulations
QFC Tax Regulations
Trust Regulations 2007
Security Regulations
Single Family Office Regulations
Special Company Regulations
QFCA Rules
Amending Documents
Court and Regulatory Tribunal Regulations and Rules
Waivers and Modifications
Consultation Papers
QFC Forms
QFC Regulations Guidance
QFCA Legal Interpretations
Policy Statements and Notices
QFCRA Rulebooks Archive
QFC Regulations Archive
QFC Forms Archive
QFC Law Archive
QFCA Rules Archive