Qatar Financial Centre Legislation: Contents

Qatar Financial Centre Legislation
QFC Law No. (7) of Year 2005
QFC Regulations
Arbitration Regulations 2005
Companies Regulations 2005
Contract Regulations 2005
Data Protection Regulations 2005
Employment Regulations
Financial Services Regulations
Foundation Regulations 2016
Immigration Regulations
Insolvency Regulations 2005
Investment Clubs Regulations 2016
Limited Liability Partnerships Regulations 2005
Netting Regulations 2017
Enactment Notice
1 Citation
2 Application
3 Commencement
4 Authoritative Text of these Regulations
5 Power of QFC Authority and Regulatory Authority to make Rules
6 Interpretation
7 Conflict with other Regulations
8 Definitions
9 Qualified Financial Instruments
10 Designation of Kinds of Instrument as Qualified Financial Instruments
11 Enforceability of Qualified Financial Instruments that are Gambling Contracts etc
12 Enforceability of Qualified Financial Instruments Formerly Thought to be Shari'a-Compliant
13 Enforceability of Netting Agreements — General Rule
14 Effectiveness of Netting Obligations to make Payments or Deliveries
15 Limitation on Powers of a Liquidator
16 Limitation of Insolvency Laws Prohibiting Set-Off
17 Liquidator's Powers in Relation to Preferences and Fraudulent Transfers
18 Pre-emption
19 Realisation, Appropriation and Liquidation of Collateral
20 Scope of these Regulations
21 Governing Law of Netting Agreements
Partnership Regulations 2007
QFC Authority Regulations
QFC Tax Regulations
Trust Regulations 2007
Security Regulations
Single Family Office Regulations
Special Company Regulations
QFCA Rules
Amending Documents
Court and Regulatory Tribunal Regulations and Rules
Waivers and Modifications
Consultation Papers
QFC Forms
QFC Regulations Guidance
QFCA Legal Interpretations
Policy Statements and Notices
QFCRA Rulebooks Archive
QFC Regulations Archive
QFC Forms Archive
QFC Law Archive
QFCA Rules Archive